Are you ready to find that place within you
where everything just makes

A place where everything
suddenly gets easier.

It’s a place where you really know who you are. 
It's a place where you love the good bits of you even more
AND a place where you understand how to turn the bits challenging you into something awesome. 
It's a place where you know how to actively use your strengths
AND a place where you’ve unlocked your ability to fluently tap into your effortless success zone.

You work hard,
you're intelligent
and know there's got to be
a better way to do things.


Sometimes you get it right.
Maybe you feel like you're missing the mark.

You feel like you're battling the parts of you that don’t seem to work.  The parts making you second guess yourself and the parts compelling you to follow what everyone says you have to do if you want any kind of success.

When you’re not tied up with the busyness of business you’re a mum, a partner, a friend, daughter and it feels like you’re everything to all people.  Between playing taxi for the kids and dreaming up something imaginative to do for dinner with the tired looking veges in the fridge you’ve got these amazing ideas but not the time and structure to do anything with them. 

It’s a mix of
>> trying to keep up with client work
>> creating content even though most days you don’t feel like you can string
two sensible words together
>> remembering to share something meaningful on social media
>> juggling overwhelming admin
>> finding time to be proactive with your marketing
>> understanding the importance of getting your money sorted but not having
much of a clue where to start
>> it’s a tug of war between beating yourself up for all the things you haven’t got sorted and giving yourself a pat on the back because you survived another day

At the end of the
day you’re
You’re completely
ready to fall
into bed and
sleep for a decade.

But your mind is going crazy with a whole lot of new ideas.  They all feel exciting.  You make a note to remember to take action first thing tomorrow because these surely are the best ideas you’ve ever had.  

Over time you find business is a thing you find more and more difficult and when you hear someone say “work smarter not harder” your weary inner business goddess just wants to scream “YEAH RIGHT!”

A successful work-life blend shouldn’t be you having to squeeze yourself into the latest fad or quick fix, must follow solution – all the things you’re told you have to have, must do, should be.

Instead, imagine a day where things just flowed. 
There is time to breathe AND accomplish everything important to you.

To do lists gets ticked, your in-box is finally under a few hundred unread messages and you felt like you have space to dream.  To take action.

You feel energised and those things that used to derail you for days or weeks hardly touch the edge of your emotional state. 

You feel confident. 

You know in a way where the questioning of yourself stops.  The understanding grows.  Once you know "it" you just know.  You can't go back to any time before this knowing.

 You really know who you are

You can't forget who you are when you have woken up and embraced yourself.  Knowing you have a way to do things.  A way that works for you.  A way that will always work for you. 

Magnetic Me:

Unlock Your Effortless
Success Zone,
an experiential
immersion into all
things YOU.

Your effortless success zone is that place where leading your business really is easier and you know how to keep yourself there.  Moving forward.  In flow.  In ease.  In joy.

You read my mind.  This is exactly what I have been waiting for

I have had a fascination with people my entire life.  Specifically, it’s been as a keen observer of people, why we do what we do and why we let ourselves get in our own way. 

I was the nerdy teenager, reading Carl Jung. I loved psychology and I was a studier of human behaviour.  And I actively participate in life.  I certainly haven't sat in the sidelines.

I invested many moons researching the archetypal models floating around at the time and I reconnected with years of psychology and counselling study. In 2011 I realised I had a chance to create something different, a solution, a model, a framework.  A way to understand. What happened was the birth of Personal Leadership Style, an archetypal profiling model for women.

Its intention was always to provide a tangible way
for women to really understand who they are. 

To own their strengths, make sense of their potential challenges
and to understand how to use those strengths
to do less and achieve more;


to unlock their
effortless success zone.


 In 2013 I published the model as an Amazon best seller, Personal Leadership Style: How to Live Your Life with Effortless Happiness, Confidence and Purpose. 
Since then I've profiled more than 200 women. 

It’s the first step for most of my business coaching clients and last year, with the launch of my signature program, Market To Thrive, it became the pivotal step for the women who participate in the program to learn how to weave their strengths and new found permission into all aspects of their business and specifically their marketing.

What I realised in the past year was many of the women I profiled wanted more. 
They love the insights, the clarity, the confidence, the magic they feel. 

But something was missing. 
I was continually being asked
“how can I find out more?”

Magnetic Me is the answer.

Having my Personal Leadership Profile done with Shannon was a game changer for my business!

Gaining an understanding of how each of the Archetypes played out for me allowed me to understand myself and why I had been doing things a certain way.

The Shapeshifter Alchemist put certain aspects of my life into perspective.  What a relief that was!!  I now have a deeper sense of clarity, confidence, focus and am firmly grounded in my identity.

Knowing your Personal Leadership Profile is an essential part of understanding yourself on soooo many levels.  Truly epic!  Thanks Shannon

Gail O’Keeffe, Success Liberator @

After doing my Personal Leadership Profile with Shannon I gained incredible insight into parts of myself I hadn’t acknowledge before.

This was mind-blowing and the more I delved into and met each one individually - (I had 5 main archetypes) the more it became obvious to me that I had been operating in such away that was not completely aligned to how I wanted to be.

This process was powerful and proved to be a personal turning point. I resonated with my archetypes - their good traits and their challenges, each one just as powerful as the other. I now work in a more succinct way and feel congruent in myself and in my business.

This is a wonderful “coming home” process. One that shouldn’t be missed.

Tracy O’Meara Smith, Mother Nurturer @ Silverdale Natural Therapy

If you are tired of feeling frustrated. 
Tired of taking one step forward and three steps backwards. 
Tired of the struggle. 
Tired of feeling like it’s all too hard. 
Tired of getting stuck. 
Tired of trying to understand why things keep happening in your business (and your life),
then Magnetic Me is for you.

You have permission to be you. 
In the most motivating, change your life for the better, confidence boosting way.

It’s time to make things easier. 
Let’s unlock your Effortless Success Zone sister!
OMG Yes! I want in

Magnetic Me: Unlock Your Effortless Success Zone is about you owning your brilliance
and sharing your innate potential with the world.

It's a 6-week intensive (that’s more excited self-discovery
journey than intense) experience. 
It’s getting to know your self, really know yourself. 
It's connecting to who you are.  It's remembering you.

It all starts with knowing your Personal Leadership Style and discovering your distinctive combination of archetypes.  When you know your personal leadership style you're able to own your brilliance, value what you do, get more excited about how much easier things are, just being yourself.   

Why Magnetic Me?

Because magnetic is exactly what you’ll become when you can drop all the stuff you’ve been holding onto and just let yourself be you.

Let’s have a look at what’s in store each week on our live calls.  We'll cover what you need to leverage your archetypes in the best possible way.

Your Investment
What price do you put on a personal transformation like this; something that can completely change your life for the better?

Well the corny answer is, it's priceless. 

For you it’s $450 + gst.

>> We start with defining your archetypes so you’ll get your personal leadership profile completed plus a half hour Who Am I session*, one on one with me. 
This alone is valued at $240.

>> I’ll send you a copy of my book Personal Leadership Style plus a set of archetype cards to go with your profiling session.

(*if you’ve already had your profile completed you can still book a profile review to talk about your archetypes and share your insights and any challenges)

>> There are 6 weekly group calls where we’ll meet as a group and together
glide through the 4 steps of Magnetic Me. 

You, me and 9 other smart, savvy ladies in business
all ready to Wonder Woman their way into their effortless success zone.

It’s going to be so much fun. 

Stretchy (because I’m not going to hide it – self growth can be uncomfortable),
but totally worth it. I promise!

>> There’s going to be abundant support.  I’m with you every step of the way.  We will have a private Facebook group for extra sharing, learning, loads of support and a place for you to connect with other women in business also committed to doing things a new way.  I always add this feature to my programs and it ends up being one of my favourite aspects.  Why? Because something magical happens when you put a group of women together in a circle (even a virtual one). 

That magic is palpable and totally magnetic.  Just like you’ll be! (magnetic that is)

Let’s have a look at what’s in store each week on our live calls. 
We'll cover what you need to leverage your archetypes in the best possible way.

I'm in!  Give me some effortless success
Week 1: Who
Am I?

You'll meet all 12 archetypes and learn how to work with them, understand their influence on you, your mindset, your marketing, your money and your magnetism. 

The bonus of learning about all 12 archetypes is it provides insights into how other women function. 

Particularly important if you’re working with other women!

Imagine how much easier things would be if you finally got who you were and also understood your clients and your team if you have one (and your friends and family) in an insightful way. 

Imagine how effortless working with them
would be.

Week 2 + 3: Realise Your Strengths

In this week we take getting to know you to a whole new level. 

Even though you may talk about strengths as the things you are good at, do you know that your real strengths are actually things that also energise you?

True fact.

Week 2 is the week permission to be you awakens.

I’ll walk you through a fun exercise so there's no question whether or not you know your strengths - you'll create a visual reminder of all that's wonderful and inspiring and brilliant about you. 


Week 4 + 5: Transform Your Challenges

Learn how to use your strengths to integrate and overcome any challenges you have. This is unlocking your effortless success zone right here.

It is the most valuable information and you'll be grateful, for the rest of your life that you know this. 

From this point forward your challenges just become parts of you. Parts that aren't bad parts or silly parts or crazy parts or any other things you tell yourself.  Those parts that you wrestle with lose the power they once had. 

The power to push you off track. 
The power to zap your energy.  The power to do weird and not so wonderful things. 

You can let all that go. I promise to teach you how to turn challenges into advantage.  Gee I love teaching this stuff!  It gets me so riled up seeing you struggling.  Let’s stop that from happening.

Week 6: Permission To
Be You

In this final week it’s time to understand the role of personal leadership and how it teaches you to take responsibility for your future.  In the most confidence building way.

It’s also the final step to embrace permission. 

To once and for all JUST BE YOU – proudly and beautifully.   

Claim your anthem, the song of your brilliance and sing it loudly lady! 

It's about learning how to step up and out supported by your innate potential (your archetype's and all they have to say about you).

It's about understanding how to keep your effortless success zone flowing.

The Personal Leadership Profiling was, by far, one of the best things I have done for my own personal growth and to help me reach my potential in my profession. I often believed that certain aspects of my personality or style were conflicting and I felt that I wasn’t making the most of what I could offer on a day to day basis.

Shannon and her Profiling allowed me to see the different parts of me that make up how I operate and how I can use them best. Importantly, Shannon’s profiling showed me that those different parts of me did not work in conflict at all, rather they allowed me to have movement and flexibility when I was challenged.

Now, things I once saw as “weaknesses” I love and I feel more understanding, confidence and strength as I operate with my clients and in daily life. I know now what I need to thrive and I can reflect on my work and self-growth with more depth and insight. You will absolutely not regret having this profiling done, again and again. Enjoy being reintroduced to you!

Stephanie Powell, Liberator Engineer, Mentor Teacher and Family Lawyer @ Meredith Lawyers


Before having my profile done I felt confused.  I couldn't define myself.  I kind of knew I was quite good at some stuff but had no confidence or understanding as to how that all tied together. I literally flogged myself as I felt inadequate and over compensated all the time.  

Since having my profile done I know completely who I am - and I love her!!!!!  I am really proud of her and can now trust my effortlessness and know my value.  It is still a work in progress, but 12 months on I look back and see how far I have come.  I can define with confidence what I can achieve and not feel bad about the things that don't come so naturally to me.  I give myself permission to be simply ME.  I feel more in control of my life and what I can offer in business.  It is liberating.  I now focus on my strengths and allow myself to shine (yes it is OK to shine). I let go of what isn't my thing and don't feel belittled by doing so.

Understanding my personal leadership profile has been game changing for me.  My business role has expanded (due to my personal growth) and I now speak publicly, present videos, network confidently and I'm having the time of my life. I have emerged. It doesn't feel like work at all and I think that says it all. It is effortless and so much FUN!

Yvonne Atkinson, Networker Conenctor, Pioneer Seeker, CEO Stirling Business Association

Are you in?  I hope so.

Magnetic Me is ideal for you if you've had your profile completed already, because it's your chance to take that experience to a whole new level

AND equally

If you've never had your profile done then you're in for a big treat that will change the way you think about yourself and what's possible, for the better. 
It will change your life.
You won’t be sorry.

Unlock your effortless success zone here!
The next round of Magnetic Me is still to be confirmed, although potentially scheduled for mid Oct 2017!  If you want to be notified when dates are confirmed please send an email letting us know you want to know more about the next round of Magnetic Me.  Email
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Your Magnetic Me Hostess: Here's my little "in a nutshell" introduction. I'm Shannon Bush.  Business Liberator.  Digital magazine designer and editor.  Super creator. Creativity fuelled marketer. Best selling author.  Stand up paddleboard addict.  Possibly a mermaid, definitely a believer in #LawOfEffortlessness.  Engaging podcast chat leader.  Totally committed to being the best coach, mentor, teacher and cheerleader a small business owner could dream of.  Regularly called a #BusinessYoda by my clients who love my genuine wisdom and integrity.  And lastly, I have a singular purpose – to bring effortless success to business.